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What happens at the first visit?

Depending on your precise condition, you will meet with either Charley or Maggie. During your first visit, we will discuss your comprehensive health history and relevant issues. Because we treat the whole person, not just your symptoms, we want to know who you are and how you feel physically and emotionally, in order to better understand how we can help you. Each treatment plan is custom designed for the individual’s particular needs.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis, some conditions may be assisted by observing the appearance of your tongue and the feel of your pulse. The tongue’s shape, color, and texture can tell us about bodily imbalances, energy stagnation, excessive heat or moisture, and which organs are involved. By taking your pulse in several positions, we can determine intensity, thinness, or thickness of pulse, which provides clues regarding blockages in your body’s energy pathways.

This diagnostic process may take up to a half hour. We can then begin an acupuncture treatment session. You’ll lie down on a comfortable treatment table, listen to soothing music, and we’ll gently apply acupuncture at specific acupoints. A single treatment lasts approximately 40 minutes. You’ll be relaxed and may even fall asleep. Most patients deem the experience as pleasant and calming.

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